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Tortilla Tenders® are fully cooked, chicken tenderloins, marinated with Southwestern spices, and crusted with a crunchy, corn tortilla coating. We use only the premium whole muscle tenderloin, vaccuum marinated to 18%, to ensure a tender, juicy product, even after extended holding. The unique flavor, texture, and hand-made appearance of Tortilla Tenders® will keep customers coming back for more.

Product Features

  • Whole-muscle tenderloin... the premium part of the breast, which is what patrons prefer.
  • Vaccuum-marinated 18%... stays tender and juicy under heated holding.
  • Unique flavor... satisfies your patrons tastebuds.
  • Hand-made appearance... looks like a scratch product.
  • Fully cooked, ready to heat from frozen... saves time, labor, and ensures food safety.
  • Versatile... use in appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more.
  • 12 month shelf-life... easy to inventory & keep on-hand to ensure you'll never run out.
  • Individually frozen... there's no waste; use only what you need.
  • Quick frozen... locks in freshness at it's peak; reduces risk of cross-contamination.
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